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Cenforce – An Appropriate Solution To Tackle Erection Issues

Erection is a reproductive system disorder in which a man is not capable of generating or sustaining an erection for satisfactory period. A person who goes through the problem of erectile dysfunction suffers from nervousness, gloominess, low self-respect, and reduced quality of life. The sufferer is not just affected physically but psychologically as well which tends to physically depart from their partners. They have a terror that any physical intimacy with their partner will remind them of their incapability to attain an erection leading to nervousness, poorer sexual function and irritation.

Now you do not have to worry, an effective medicine for managing erection problems have been invented in the form of Cenforce. Generic Sildenafil present in cenforce 100mg tablets, 150mg and 200mg which makes it a very potent medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. The invention of Cenforce has brought smiles on the face of impotent men. This medicine is available in doses of 50mg and 100mg. You should buy Cenforce online from our store at a very economical price. This medicine functions by blocking phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme leading to an increased generation of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. This causes smooth muscles of the penile region to relax, resulting in an increased flow of blood in the penile region, thus causing an erection.

Cenforce 100mg Tablets

Recommended dose of Cenforce Tablets

A person should administer one tablet of Cenforce along with ample amount of water. For getting desired results you should administer this medicine 45 minutes before the intimacy sessions.

Avoid intake of fatty meals along with this medicine as it slows down the absorption of this medicine resulting in delayed action of this medicine. To prevent overdose of this medicine, you should not consume more than one tablet in a day.

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Use of Cenforce may lead to various unwanted effects such as prolonged and painful erection, wooziness, feeling lethargic, sleepiness, tiredness, weakness, muscle pain and unclear vision.

Important points to be kept in mind while administering Cenforce are:

  • Administration of grape fruit or grape juice along with this medicine should be avoided as it causes reduced biological availability of this medicine.
  • Nitrate drugs should not be consumed along with this medicine as it may cause severe drug interaction resulting in decreased blood pressure.
  • Do not consume alcohol or any product containing alcohol along with this medicine as it results in various unwanted effects of this medicine.
  • Intake of this medicine makes a person feel sleepy and lethargic so you should not drive nor do any work that requires complete alertness.
  • Consumption of this medicine is not meant for children of below 18 years.

From where should I buy Cenforce Tablets?

Cenforce is available on our online store so you can buy it from there by placing an order on our online site. The order placed by you will get delivered at your doorstep within few working days. You also get various deals and offers while purchasing this medicine from our store.

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